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Passwords - Import and Export

You may import or export passwords from other software (or database). TreeDBNotes use universal CSV file for import/export.

You may Export all Passwords Account information to an External file:

  • Text file (*.txt) with Tab separator
  • Comma Separated Value file (*.csv)
  • Clipboard

Select an account from Password List and press Export to…, Select Export Columns, and File Name.
If you select one Account (one line) from Password List - you copy (or export) only information from the one Account. If you want to copy (or export) a list of several Accounts, simply select several Accounts from Passwords List.

Example: Export Login List of all my Forums to CSV file.

  1. Select Forum Folder from Password Tree (see the TreeDbNotes Pro demo file).
  2. Select all Forums from Passwords List.
  3. Press Export/CSV file.
  4. Select Exported columns (login).
  5. Press Export.
  6. Select File name.