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MyTreeDB Forum Rules

Welcome to MyTreeDB, please read our forum-rules.


  1. Read and adhere to the forum rules and guidelines at all times.
  2. Maintain professional courtesy towards all members, moderators, administrators and think about what you're posting before you actually post it.
  3. Use common sense and appropriate language.
  4. Do not write text in ALL CAPITALS for titles or entire post.
  5. Please respect administrative decisions and forward any complaints directly to the Administrator or a moderator regarding deletion of threads, member accounts and the banning of members.
  6. Avoid foul language, especially in thread subjects. Excessive swearing will be dealt with.
  7. Respect people's right to privacy. Don't post personal details without permission.
  8. Post in the right forum. If it's about software bugs, post in the Bug Reports section and use the appropriate topic or create a new one. If it's a suggestion, use the Wishlist & Requests section and so on.
  9. Make sure that you are using the latest version.
  10. Search before posting. Chances are it's been asked before, so you can find the answer without having to wait for someone to reply.
  11. Try to briefly summarize the post with a descriptive title. As a rule of thumb, use at least three to five words in the subject. Keep it as brief as possible. It should reflect the content of your post and make it easier for others to find your thread, and to contribute.
  12. Be specific and to the point. Lenghty rants can be a pain to read, and so the chances of a useful reply are drastically reduced. Remember, your audience is comprised of other TreeDB users who help you in their own free time. Use paragraphs and bulleted lists to make it easier to read.
  13. Include all relevant information. Describe the problem briefly, but completely. Include the full error message, if any. If you are having a problem with a feature, explain what the problem is and how it can be reproduced. List your operating system, system specs (CPU, RAM, etc.), and so on.
  14. Report back if the problem is solved.
  15. If the problem is solved through the help of others or if you figured it out yourself, then report back to the thread you posted it in to let others know what worked for you. Other people may benefit from your experience.
  16. Treat others with respect, and you will be treated the same way - there are people behind all the names in the forum.
  17. Make it easier for people to help you - and then you'll more likely get help.
  18. Don't make inflammatory posts or threads just to stir up the forum.
  19. Don't exaggerate just to make a point.
  20. Respect your fellow forum members, and don't vent your frustration at them.
  21. No personal attacks or lies. Attack the idea, not the person. Any deliberate attacks on a forum member, guest or moderator will be promptly deleted and the poster will be warned. Further poor behavior will result in the offender being denied access to posting in the forums.
  22. This should be a matter of common sense: don't post any porn, sexually explicit, racist, warez related, religious, or otherwise illegal posts.
  23. Do not post information on cracking software which requires registration, it will be instantly removed.
  24. No flooding and/or spamming, it will be instantly removed.
  25. Sumbit no information that is confidential to you or to any third party.
  26. No complaints about moderation in public. If you think you have been treated unfairly, contact the moderator directly.
  27. Do not use the forum for any solicitation.
  28. Do not use the forum as a battleground.
  29. Don't hijack other people's threads. If you have a different problem than the one discussed in the thread, post a new thread or search for existing threads dealing with your problems.
  30. Don't make "public broadcasts" to negatively influence other forum members - this is a forum community and we will maintain it accordingly.
  31. Advertising other servers is not allowed in our forum. Post will be deleted and account maybe blocked without notification!