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Migrating from TreeDBNotes 2 or 1 to TreeDBNotes 3

How to use our free converter: 2.xx to 3 and 1.0 to 3

1) Download converters from our web site.

  • TreeDBConverter.exe - Converter from 2.xx to 3 and 1.xx to 3
  • PIMConverter.exe - Alarms and Reminder converter from 2.xx (PIM file: pim_db.pdb) to 3 (TreeDBNotesPro.PIM)



Run TreeDBConverter.exe and choose *.tdb file:

Press Step-2 - Create 3.0 Database. Create database window (See more info):

The next step: Step-3

Step-3/5 - Converter options:

Press Convert... Results:



1) Run PIMConverter.exe and choose your PIM file (from TreeDBNotes Pro 2.xx)
(Default location: c:\Program Files\TreeDBNotes Pro 2\pim_db.pdb)

2) Choose PIM file for TreeDBNotes Pro 3.

  • WinXP/2000: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\TreeDBNotes Pro 3\Settings\TreeDBNotesPro.PIM
  • Win Vista: F:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\TreeDBNotes Pro 3\Settings\TreeDBNotesPro.PIM

Browse: pim_db.pdb and TreeDBNotesPro.PIM

OK, press Convert: