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Backup allows you to save a copy of TreeDBNotes documents. If necessary, you can restore modified or lost information from the backed up file. By periodically creating a backup, you can protect yourself from data loss.

Attention! We conducted tests for TreeDBNotes, such as: Power off, forced restart, complex document, etc. The program has been stable in our crash tests, and failures or loss of data was found. But a computer in conjunction with the operating system may create other, unpredictable situations (multitasking operating system, scanners, files, file locking, hard disk damage, etc.). That's why we always recommend that you regularly back up. This applies not only to TreeDBNotes documents. Make backup copies of important files and documents. What would be the maximum protection is to keep backups and duplicate them on different media (CD, DVD, HDD, Flash, FTP, Network...). Because it is always easier and faster to recover data than to re-create it.

Backup creates an exact copy of the document in a special folder.  You can define the folder for your backups in program settings.

We recommend always making backup copies in the following situations:

  • Prior to important changes in the document
  • After major changes
  • Before upgrade
  • Periodically (once a week, once a month)

Manual backup

At any time you can manually start the backup process by using the main menu:

  • File/Backup

Documents are backed up into a special folder. You can define your backup location.

Auto backup

Files are backed up to a special folder. Folder configuration can be found by using the "Configuration folders". You can define the location of your backups.

How the automatic backup works:

  1. Before opening the document TreeDBNotes makes a copy of the document.
  2. It checks the existing backup files.
  3. If the number of existing copies is more than the permitted amount, then the program deletes the oldest copy. Thus, for each file, a certain amount of backups is always maintained.
  4. Informational message is displayed after the automatic backup process.

Attention! In the settings you can disable automatic backup. In this case, you need to take care of security and backup manually.

Restore from backup

Recovering from an automatic or manual backup

  1. Start Backup explorer: "File/Backup explorer".
  2. Select desired file from the list
  3. Use the "Restore" button