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Attachments, file archive, Document

Attachments are files that are located inside a TreeDBNotes document . Attached files can be viewed as a file archive. You can create a link to the attachment. Attachments can be viewed, saved to file, and have their properties edited or deleted.

Various attachment usage:

  • eBook: Overview of mobile phone or camera. You may attach examples of photos, a PDF manual or other files.
  • eBook: Photoshop tutorials. You can attach all the necessary files for the lesson. Video, source PSD or JPG and the final PSD file.
  • Attachments can be managed by the attachment editor: "Tools/Attachment browser".
  • Attachments are encrypted with the document.

Since attachments are stored inside TreeDBNotes documents, large file attachments increase the size of a TreeDBNotes document. See tips on optimization (Help file).

Attachments files & Browser

View all attached files. Files: Add, Delete, Edit, View, Export. Folders: Create, Rename, Delete. Properties: Filename, Title, Description, Date, Keywords, Author, Comment and more.

Attachments, Files list, Drag and Drop


Attachments: Property editor

You can modify properties of files: Title, Description, Date, Keywords, Author, Comment and more.

Attachments, Editor, Property

Attachments and Contact Manager

You can attach files for any contact record (Contact manager). Files can be added via Add command or Drag and Drop.

Attachments, Contact Editor