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TreeDBNotes - Conveniently, mobility and security

The program stores all data in one file *.treeDB. It records all folders, notes, contacts, passwords, links, images and tasks in a single file. Only technical information is stored in separate files (settings, styles, templates, etc.). This structure is very convenient for travel, business, reinstall the operating system or transferring data to another computer.

TreeDBNotes for travelers

If you are traveling on holiday or business trip, the program will be so helpful. Carry only one file and all necessary information will always be with you. In this file you can write the necessary contacts, notes, links, passwords, pictures and other information.

TreeDBNotes for business

Our program is very mobile and is not demanding on system resources on your computer.You can run it on any laptop (even older). The program stores notes, passwords, contacts, pictures, links, business and attachments in a single file. Because of this, at work, in the car, at home or on holiday you will always have access to all necessary information.

TreeDBNotes - Protection and security

The program can use the advanced encryption algorithms to protect data. Information in the document can be protected in several ways.

1. You can encrypt an entire document with a password. This is the surest way to protect.
2. You can password protect any tree.
3. You can password-protect any folder.

The program has automatic and manual backup. All this together will keep your data safe.