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TreeDBNotes for Writers

The latest version of TreeDBNotes Pro have some useful functions for Writers. Real-time text statistics, Statistics of selection, Timer, Keywords, Description, spell checker, tree structure and attachments. We receive a lot of feedback from writers and journalists. We are constantly adding useful features for writers.

Real-time text statistics

TreeDBNotes Status bar has the special place for real-time text statistics. You can always see the words and characters in the current note. Just enter text, and the program will calculate the number of words and symbols.

Writers - Text Statistics - TreeDBNotes

If you wish to view statistics of selection, just highlight the text and look at the status bar. Now Real-time text statistics shows the statistics of selection.

Writers - Text Statistics Panel

TreeDBNotes Writers Timer.

Very often the need for a timer.Timer allows you to correctly plan and perform the work. TreeDBNotes Status bar has the special place for the timer. You can Start, Stop or Reset timer time.

Writers Timer - TreeDBNotes


Computer timers

Computer systems usually have at least one timer. These are typically digital counters that either increment or decrement at a fixed frequency, which is often configurable, and that interrupt the processor when reaching zero, or a counter with a sufficiently large word size that it will not reach its counter limit before the end of life of the system.

More sophisticated timers may have comparison logic to compare the timer value against a specific value, set by software, that triggers some action when the timer value matches the preset value. This might be used, for example, to measure events or generate pulse width modulated waveforms to control the speed of motors (using a class D digital electronic amplifier).

As the number of hardware timers in a computer system or processor is finite and limited, operating systems and embedded systems often use a single hardware timer to implement an extensible set of software timers. In this scenario, the hardware timer's interrupt service routine would handle house-keeping and management of as many software timers as are required, and the hardware timer would be set to expire when the next software timer is due to expire. At expiry, the interrupt routine would update the hardware timer to expire when the next software timer is due, and any actions would be triggered for the software timers that had just expired. Expired timers that are continuous would also be reset to a new expiry time based on their timer interval, and one-shot timers would be disabled or removed from the set of timers. While simple in concept, care must be taken with software timer implementation if issues such as timer drift and delayed interrupts is to be minimized. (from Wikipedia)

Keywords and Description

You can use keywords for each note and view keywords as tag Cloud. Use Keywords manager from the main menu: Folders/Edit Keywords.

Description - you can fill the description for each note. In the future we plan to use description as synopsis or similar tools.


Other useful tools (Dates, Counters)

Main menu: Folders/Properties:

  •   Create date
  •   Update date
  •   Views counter
  •   Edits counter