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Notes Manager - TreeDBNotes

The Notes Manager is a powerful, convenient and compact means for storing notes, documentation, help files, e-books and other information. Notes may be modified to suit your needs using the built in editor. Editing functions are similar to most text editors they include: changing fonts, colors, paragraph styles, and tables. Additional features: templates, styles, quick sentences, user variables, and import and export functions. It is possible to encrypt the whole document, or password protect any part of it (the tree, or folder).  Using advanced features such as history, tag cloud, preview, bookmarks and hyperlinks make you more productive and comfortable.

Notes manager - Folders

The Note Tree consists of folders. Each folder contains a note. Folder notes differ from other folders (Contacts, Passwords, and Tasks) in TreeDBNotes. In the tree notes, each folder is an individual note. In the contacts tree for example, folders are used for grouping contacts, i.e. folder itself is not a contact, but may contain several contacts. This is the main difference between notes folders and other folders. The remaining folder management functions are similar to the other folders.


TreeDBNotes Notes Manager - Tools

Notes allow you to quickly, conveniently and professionally to arrange articles, books, documents, diaries, and other information. In the program there are functions for formatting text, paragraphs, tables and objects. In addition, TreeDBNotes offers many other additional features:

  • Notes Templates
  • Text Styles
  • Import Notes (TreePad (hjt), KeyNote (knt), Other formats: HTML, Doc, TXT, RTF)
  • Export Notes (TXT, HTML, Doc, TXT, RTF and other)
  • Email Note
  • Spell Checking
  • Screen Capture
  • Powerful Table editor
  • Variables
  • and other useful features

Shortcuts (Notes Manager)

  • Insert Note (after)  - [Ctrl+Ins]
  • Insert as last child  - [Shift + Ctrl+Ins]
  • Text styles: Ctrl + Number 0 to 9
  • Styles quick menu: Ctrl+Alt+S

Notes Organizer - Printing

The TreeDBNotes program allows you to print notes with preview. You can print the current note or merge and print multiple notes simultaneously. To print, select the notes you want to print. To select multiple notes, use the CTRL or SHIFT key with the mouse click. Then run "print" or "preview" command from the main menu: "File/Print".

Notes Search

Search lets you search for any text in the current note, in the current tree, all trees, or on the Internet.

  • Search in the current note
  • Global Search
  • Web Search

Notes Manager - Electronic Books (e-Book)

Our program allows you to create complex and professional e-book in either TreeDB format  or stand alone EXE format. To view using our free program for reading electronic books eInfi Reader or in the case of the stand alone version simply double click on the e-book title. The e-book will include all the best features that we have in our program: Modern interface, easy navigation,  trees, folders, attachments, encryption, printing and much more. You can create electronic books to be used as: documentation, help files, tutorials, reviews or whatever your imagination can devise.