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Portable Notes Manager, Portable Contact Manager, portable Password Manager

TreeDBNotes Pro uses a default folder which is set by the operating system. Modern operating systems, especially starting with Windows Vista impose stringent restrictions on the configuration of folders and files.This improves overall stability and security of the operating system, but it gives users some inconvenience. Especially when switching to another operating system or transfer data to another computer.

You can configure some folders in the program options: "Tools/Program Options/Folders.

How to make portable version

For maximum portability, you can make a special version (Portable version or Flash version) using the menu command: "Copy TreeDBNotes onto a flash drive"

  • Tools / Copy TreeDBNotes onto a flash drive

When you create a portable version just select the folder where to copy the program. A folder can be both hard disk and a flash drive.
After that a portable version of the program will be created which includes all necessary files to run the program in the same folder that you specified.

  • A portable version of the program is not as dependent on the operating system and computer. This version can be moved and run on any computer.
  • A portable version does not require any external files and stores the settings in INI files in its own folder.
  • A portable version does not move or synchronize your documents. Care should be taken about this.

Now you can use TreeDBNotes Pro as:

  • Portable Notes Manager, Portable Notes Organizer
  • Portable Contact Manager
  • Portable Password Manager
  • Portable Task Manager

Portable Notes Manager, Portable Notes Organizer

Notes manager Software. One of the main advantages of the program is mobility and easy portability. All necessary data is stored in one file (notes, contacts, passwords, list, and attachments). Enough to take on the road or to work just one file and you will always have all necessary information at hand.

TreeDBNotes has the ability to create electronic books (eBook) in the following formats: TreeDB, HTML or EXE. As an electronic book, you can create tutorials, training materials, help files, reviews, news, directories, links, or just books. Our license to produce eBooks, with the ability to encrypt and password protection content, can create virtually any modern commercial eBook product.

Portable Contact Manager

The Contact manager of TreeDBNotes allows you to store, manage, and with the import and export functions, synchronize contacts with other sources. For example, you can import contacts from a mobile phone, edit and put them in contact Google. Additional functions that are available: web search, copy to clipboard, links, attachments, notes, etc.

Portable Password Manager

The Password Manager allows you to store passwords, account details and other personal information in a safe and convenient location. If necessary, you can encrypt the whole document, or password-protect the tree, or folder. The Password Manager consists of a tree and a list of passwords. Each folder can contain a record or other folders. The Passwords List displays all the records in the current folder. If you select multiple folders, the list will contain records from all the selected folders.