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A web template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design, and for mass-production of web documents. It is a basic component of a web template system.

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Web templates can be used by any individual or organization to set up their website. Once a template is purchased or downloaded, the user will replace all generic information included in the web template with their own personal, organizational or product information.

Styles of Web Templates

Simple Templates

a mask or blueprint for all pages of a website. These templates contain all style and design elements with placeholders for text. Some simple templates allow for customization of other elements within the template using software such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage.

Standard Templates

Complete pages developed for simple content modification to effectively update the site. Little or no additional customization beyond standard content is required.

Content Management System (CMS) Templates

Templates designed to enhance basic content management systems such as Joomla or PHP-Nuke. Content customization is required.

Blogging Templates

Themes designed for use with popular blogging software such as Wordpress. These templates offer color and style to a standard blog.

Complex Templates

contain various degrees of programming capabilities. These templates allow for a standardized look to the pages of a website, but with varying content on sub pages. Color, themes, logos and images can remain consistent but with different placement and effect on various pages. These templates require additional customization.

Flash Templates

Templates that contain elements created using Flash. Both content and Flash elements can be customized in these templates.

Flash Intros

An introductory presentation to a website that requires customization. The basics of the presentation are created using Flash, and customization is required to make the introduction site specific.

Blogging Templates

Themes designed for use with popular blogging software such as Wordpress. These templates offer color and style to a standard blog.

Online Store Templates

Templates designed for use with software such as osCommerce to build ecommerce sites. These templates contain basic designs for online stores. Products and services must be customized within the template.

Logo Templates

Prefabricated designs for business or personal purposes. Logo templates may include a simple business logo, letterhead, and business card designs. Business or corporate information much be customized on each logo.

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A Web template system describes the software and methodologies used to produce web pages and for deployment on websites and delivery over the internet. Such systems process web templates, using a template engine. It is a web publishing tool present in content management systems, software frameworks, HTML editors, and many other contexts.

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Website Templates presented by our web site are ready-made web page designs that only require some final customization of your texts and images before uploading to your hosting provider. These Web Templates can be used as the basis for fast creation of a high-quality website.

All of our web design products here are easily customizable and ready for immediate download. If you do not want to customize your Website Template by yourself, let our designers make the preferred modifications for you. You can also preview the look of your future website and its additional pages. Three different views are available: General, Flash and HTML.

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Template Files

Template files are the building blocks which come together to create your site. In the WordPress Theme structure, the header, sidebar, content, and footer are all contained within individual files. They join together to create your page. This allows you to customize the building blocks. For example, in the Default WordPress Theme, the multi-post view found on the front page, category, archives, and search web pages on your site, the sidebar is present. Click on any post, you will be taken to the single post view and the sidebar will now be gone. You can choose which parts and pieces appear on your page, and customize them individually, allowing for a different header or sidebar to appear on all pages within a specific category. And more. For a more extensive introduction to Templates, see Stepping Into Templates.

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CSS Style Sheets

This is where it all comes together. On every template file within your site, there are XHTML tags and CSS references wrapped around your template tags and content. In the style sheet within each Theme are commands for the page's structure. Without these instructions, your page would simply look like a long typed page. With these instructions, you can move the building block structures around, making your header very long and filled with graphics or photographs, or simple and narrow. Your site can "float" in the middle of the viewer's screen with space on the left and right, or stretch across the screen, filling the whole page. Your sidebar can be on the right or left, or even start midway down the page. How you style your page is up to you. But the instructions for styling are found in the style.css file within each Theme folder.

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Several classes for aligning images and block elements (DIV, P, TABLE etc.) were introduced in WordPress 2.5: aligncenter, alignleft and alignright. In addition the class alignnone is added to images that are not aligned, so they can be styled differently if needed.

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WordPress relies heavily on the presentation styles within CSS. With the introduction of WordPress v1.5 Themes, your layout options haven't just expanded, they've exploded! WordPress has made it easier than ever to change your website look, and opened up the field even more to help you create your own Theme and page layout.
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It allows you to store style presentation information (like colors and layout) separate from your HTML structure. This allows precision control of your website layout and makes your pages faster and easier to update.

What is a Web Template?

A web template is a framework of graphics and style created to simplify the web design process. A template is created with design elements excluding unique content effectively separating design and content elements. Templates vary in style and complexity.

Types of Web Templates

All-Page Template – a template encompasses an entire page including all design elements. Most elements including a header, footer, graphics and content location are fixed.

Block Templates

Only a portion of a website is included in template format. Menu bars or headers might be fixed on an otherwise dynamic website.
Template Engines - Templates used in conjunction with a template engine can be used to create mass-produced pages. Customized content contained within a database is combined with a pre-selected template to create mass-produce pages of a website. The template engine creates slightly differing pages based on database entries with little or no manual input of content into the web design.

Which software do I need to edit/modify the templates?

You can use any of the following software for content modification/editing:

  • Frontpage
  • Dreamweaver
  • Editplus
  • Any other program that can open html files

For design modifications you would need Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing program that can open PSD files