Free and powerfull text editor with special tools for WinAmp 5 skins: Visual skin designer, Advanced XML editor, Visual and customizable templates. Search and replace with Regular Expressions, Drag and Drop text and files, Syntax Highlighting and more...


Benefits and features

  • Advanced customizable formatting functions (inserting, wrapping)
  • Templates visualization (from XML)
  • Customizable Components and Components groups (Core, WinAmp skins, XML, HTML, TXT and more)
  • MDI editor with TabControl
  • Support for Projects
  • Export to HTML, RTF
  • HTML Encode, HTML Decode
  • Syntax Highlighting: XML, HTML, C, Delphi, Flash, Java and more...
  • Find and Repace in Files with Regular Expressions
  • Line numbers
  • Clipboard support
  • Drag&Drop: Text and Files
  • Themes

Special tools for WinAmp skins

  • Support for Skin Projects
  • 2 Demo skins with source and images
  • Visual Winamp 5 skin designer (tree structure, preview, groups, layers, buttons, slider...\
  • Useful and powerful XML editor
  • Templates and customizable visual templates
  • Customizable XML Components: Button, Slider, Tooglebutton, Timer, Visualization, Bitmap element, Text element, Container, Group, Layout, Layer and more...
  • Build and preview your skins.

This is freeware software without any limitations (time or functional). If you find our software useful, please help fund its development. Donations will help ease the cost of development and be put towards the purchase of new hardware and software.

The base amount is US$10, but if you would like to donate more, feel free to order multiple copies of the SkinWamp product.

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