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Notes editor

TreeDbNotes Text Editor has all of the standard Text and Paragraph Editing functions that MS Word or WordPad has (font, color, size, background color, tables, images, symbols, etc.).

Hyperlink editor

Hyperlink window (External links, TreeDBNotes links)

Icons library

View, Add, Replace, Delete, Import, Export, Folders

Notes - search

Global Notes search (Search in Title, Note, Keywords, All Trees)

Tree properties

Icon, Title, Description, Background color.
Registered version: Tree password protection

Folder properties

Title, Description, Keywords, Icon and Style.
Registered version: Folder password protection

TreeDBNotes - home

About, New database, Open...

Compact database

Database tools: Compact, Repair


About (free edition)

About dialog - free edition

About (registered)

About dialog - registered version

Notes editor (registered)

TreeDBNotes FREE vs PRO - Feature Compare

Dynamic editor: Tables and Images editor. Width, Height, Background, Size...

Attachments browser

Registered version: Add, Delete, Replace files


TreeDBNotes Options (General)

General options: HotKey, Minimize, Reopen...

TreeDBNotes Options (Notes)

Notes options: Defult text style, type, Editor options

TreeDBNotes Options (Safety)

Passwords protected trees options

TreeDBNotes Options (Backup)

Backup and Autobackup options

TreeDBNotes Options (Save)

Save options, Autosave


Custom folders (Documents, Templates)


DB Settings (Database)

Filename and folder

DB Settings (Information)

Title, Description, Link, Copyright

DB Settings (Protection)

Database encryption (Algoritm and password)

(for registered version)

DB Settings (Config)

Compression, Size, Unicode