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Good News! TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer - New Features

More than a year, we have developed a component to display the contacts. Work is almost finished, we want to present new opportunities. Now the contact manager will be better than most of our competitors. Now, apart from the contacts list will be able to view the properties of the current contact. Contact list can be viewed in several modes.

Report View (TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer)

Now there\'s header, sort by any column, changing column size, the ability to show or hide the column.




 Notebook (TreeDBNotes Contacts Manager)

Contacts are automatically grouped by the first letter. Viewing mode as in a notebook.


Contacts Bar (TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer)

Compact and easy to view. Visible address and contact details.




Contact Cards List (TreeDBNotes Contacts Manager)

The classic view of contacts in the form of contact cards. This mode is available in most major programs.




Contacts List (TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer)

The most compact view contacts.




Photos / Thumbnails 96x96 (TreeDBNotes Contacts Manager)

View mode contact in the form of small photos (96x96 pixels).   




Photos / Thumbnails 160x160 (TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer)

View mode contact in the form of small photos (160x160 pixels).


 Tales (TreeDBNotes Contacts Manager)


Compact and easy to view the contacts. Visible only to the most relevant information.


This spring, we will try to finish all the changes and release a new version with new capabilities.

February 28, 2011


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