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How to move TreeDBNotes Contacts to Outlook Contacts

Our program allows you to quickly, easily and conveniently transfer contacts to any other program. You want to move your TreeDBNotes Contacts to Outlook Contacts? Here you'll find how to do it.

TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer

Prepare Contacts for export

Open TreeDBNotes Contacts Manager and prepare folder(s) and contacts for export. You can export all contacts or selected contacts only.

You can export:

  • One folder
  • Multiple folders
  • All contacts
  • Selected contacts


Call \"Export Wizard\" command from the TreeDBNotes main menu: File/Export Wizard



Next step: Export format

You need to choose CSV (comma separated values) or vCards (Electronic Business Card VCF). If you want to import contacts photos - you need to choose vCard.

  • Outlook can import photos from vCard file. 
  • Outlook can not import photos from CSV files


Next step: vCard Options

You can decrease photos during export process.


Choose the output folder for vCards (*.vcf) files


Final step, press Start Export button


Now your TreeDBNotes contacts are stored in files. You can open the Windows Explorer and view all VCF vCard files (or CSV file):


Next step: Outlook Contacts

Open Outlook and prepare folder for import.


Variant 1: Drag and Drop Contacts

The easiest way to import your contacts in Outlook is Drag&Drop all the files with the mouse.

  1. Drag contacts vCards from Windows Explorer
  2. Drop onto the Outlook window


Variant 2: Import from file

Outlook: Goto File/Open/Import - for import contacts: vCards or CSV 


Choose the import format: VCARD (.vcf) or CSV (Import from another program or file)


Browse file and Import. That\'s all. Now your contacts stored in Outlook.





  • Outlook can import only one contact from VCF file
  • Outlook can import CSV file (without photos)

May 11, 2011


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